Keiner möchte mehr Bank sein, Geld verleihen, Konten führen. Keiner? Wal Mart entdeckt die attraktiven Seiten dieses Geschäftes, von dem die Banken sich verabschieden, und wird selbst zur Bank: America’s biggest banks are in retreat, tightening lending, increasing fees, and closing branches. But one company still wants to become your neighborhood bank: Wal-Mart. While the banking sector has been in turmoil, Wal-Mart has aggressively courted customers‘ pocketbooks, partnering with financial services companies to offer money transfers, check cashing and bill payments, and putting virtual checking accounts — refillable pre-paid debit cards — in the hands of more than two million customers. viaOne more worry for banks: Wal-Mart – Jun. 22, 2010.